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Moles & Mole Traps

mole Moles live almost entirely underground in their own tunnel system. Consequently a wide range of specialist mole traps and mole trapping methods have been developed over the centuries, dating back to Roman times. The most effective and legal mole traps are those that kill humanely and instantly.

These mole traps must be set with care and skill to ensure the mole is trapped humanely and does not suffer. This is a legal requirement and can only be ensured by employing a professional mole trapper who understands mole habits, their environment and by using the correct, properly made and maintained mole-trapping equipment.

Reasons for Mole Control & Trapping


Moles cause considerable damage and subsequent problems:-

Types of Mole Trap and Control

Strong, well made and maintained mole traps are essential for the humane trapping of the mole. The modern mole trap is made of steel to stop odour retention which would be a possible danger signal to the mole. Steel also provides a strong and quick action to kill instantly and humanely, but this can only be ensured by the use of top quality and fully tested mole traps — not cheap foreign imports.

The skill is to ensure that the mole traps are set properly, in the correct place so that the mole is not scared off. If he is suspicious the mole can avoid the trap or even block or spring it by back filling with soil.

A mole trap designed to catch the mole alive is both cruel and fraught with problems - the mole may starve, it will be highly stressed and it is illegal to place a pest onto land without permission or to move without a license.

Gassing must only kill the mole and no other animal species — which is impossible to guarantee. Explosives and poisons are illegal for killing any mole in the UK.

Mole repellents — physical, auditory and olfactory have proved to be ineffective. Some methods have been tested without positive results and other products are under scrutiny by the Advertising Standards Authority. Many of the 'old wives' chemicals and liquids are illegal to use as mole repellents.

This is why professional and humane traditional mole trapping methods are so important to the control of mole activity and numbers.

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